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shortlist no. 2 / august 6, 2010

August 15, 2010

A few days ago, our beloved next door neighbors got the keys to their new house one hour up the coast. And this spartan shortlist (what, no kielbasi?!) is from about a week ago, for what was supposed to be our last hurrah as fence and wall sharers. Yes, that night. Here’s something I never thought I’d say: thank god we didn’t end up making the steak tartar! I probably shouldn’t keep talking about that Kobe steak and how good it was. Suffice it to say that Francesco and I have split another one in the past 2 days because I was dreaming about it. And that usually doesn’t happen to me. Wait, yes it does.

Other changes? That night wasn’t our last hurrah, as we have plans (guerrero chicken or short ribs?) for Tuesday. Also, we didn’t have ice cream with the coconut cake. Oh, don’t worry, we didn’t deny ourselves. We had our neighbor’s delicious homemade trifle instead. Because coconut cake and trifle go so well together. Kind of like us and our neighbors.

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