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shortlist no. 4 / august 14, 2010

August 18, 2010

Can’t you just see the stress in my handwriting?

See down there? Where I crossed out the main course? Yeah, that’s why.

What was supposed to be a hearty cold weather meal for 6 turned into a last minute decision to scrap the meat course (the cut was wrong and no amount of braising was going to make it tender) and throw together a pasta. Which then led to a frantic Sydney-wide search for pecorino romano…which led to visible stress.

All in all, though, apart from the nervous handwriting, this shortlist demonstrates just how repetitive I really am. A laurel-rester. This blog should be called The Fresh Bread and Kielbasi and Amatriciana and Actually Squash Cake Blog because that’s apparently all I make. I’ll take this as a challenge. Next dinner party (tomorrow)? The novel main course will not get scrapped! I will persevere! And if not, at least I have my stalwarts to fall back on.

late winter dinner for 6 (which began with champagne. That’s how stressed out I was)

four cheeses: Camembert (my favorite one), St. Agur, something Dutch or Swiss I can’t remember, and vintage cheddar with fig jam and truffle honey

salame (homemade, gift from friends)

kielbasi (obviously)

labne with za’atar and pita chips

fresh bread


warm winter salad of chevril and watercress tossed in a hot prosciutto fat-orange juice vingarette, served on a bed of roasted beets, topped with gorgonzola dolce, crispy prosciutto, roasted baby carrots and red orach


mezze maniche all’amatriciana (due to short ribs failure)


Actually Squash Cake with mascarpone cream cheese frosting

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  1. Brenna permalink
    August 18, 2010 11:59 pm

    ahhh so the short ribs bombed! Thanks for sharing the finished product 😉

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