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shortlist no. 10 / september 16, 2010

September 18, 2010

Mmmm Afghan food. So glad I made your acquaintance.

Can you tell by the shortlist I was going for a Middle Eastern theme? That way, I could conveniently include my perennial pita chips with labne and za’atar. And dates are totally from the Middle East. And yes, my ignorant Western biases are on full display as I confuse the Near East with the Middle East, and bunch all Arab/Persian/Sephardic peoples under the umbrella of Those Who Eat Dates.

It’s a shame I’m not more cognizant of the world and its cuisines, but I’m having a hard enough time familiarizing myself with the ways of the Australians, also known as Those Who Eat Sausage Rolls, so maybe I deserve a break. Or maybe I should keep up the momentum of my new found culinary curiosity. If the delicacies of Afghanistan are any measure, it’ll be worth my while.

early spring dinner for 6 (plus an ill but still very cute baby)

pita chips with labne with za’atar

fresh bread


broiled fresh dates stuffed with St. Azur wrapped in bacon


kaddo bourani: sugared pumpkin with yogurt and beef sauces


qabili pilau: spiced basmati rice with chicken thighs, sugared carrots and raisins


spiced orange-infused chocolate pudding with toasted coconut, nuts and whipped cream

Turkish delight

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  1. Jiann (the neighbour) permalink
    September 20, 2010 3:39 pm

    And what a treat your Afghani experiment was.. particularly the kaddo bourani **mouth waters ; .P**
    PULEASE maintain your culinary curiosity.
    Your ever grateful neighbourhood guinea pig.


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