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shortlist no. 14 / november 4, 2010

November 6, 2010

This is the first time I’ve considered adding the wines to the shortist not for their quality – oh no – for the way they resurfaced the next day. By pounding on my head. The wines we drink, though, are, in all serious, integral. Integral.

Maybe the not-so-great wine is why the split peas with shrimp kind of fell flat and I overcooked the pots de crème. Maybe I should blame it for my breaking two champagne flutes (don’t worry, they’re IKEA) in one night. I was uninspired, people!

Fortunately, we have another dinner party in the works for tomorrow night (sneak peak: more lamb, Italian guest chefs & banana dreams) and, as our friend the wine importer is on the guest list, I have a hunch that the wines will be ottimi.

And when the wines are good, well, that can only mean highly inspired cooking.

Stay tuned…


late week, cold and rainy night, dinner for 5

cheese & bread / dates stuffed with bleu wrapped in prosciutto


yellow split peas with shrimp


pappardelle with lamb ragù & herbed ricotta


salad with my favorite vinaigrette


maple pots de crème


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  1. brenna permalink
    November 7, 2010 6:57 am

    BANANA DREAMSSSS!?!! I hope this means what I think…

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