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shortlist no. 15 / november 7, 2010

November 10, 2010

Ah, those passatelli. Oh, that lamb! And MAN, that CAKE!

This was quite a dinner, inspired by quite a group of people and washed down by quite an array of Sardinian wines. 15 in all, actually. But don’t worry, mom, we didn’t polish off even one bottle. In fact, we weren’t drinking copious amounts of imported wine at all. We were simply helping our wine importer friend taste and judge them. Sigh…We love helping our friends.

One complaint about this dinner, though? By the time the passatelli were ready, we’d polished off all the nibbles and so by the time the third round of passatelli had come and gone, the beautiful braised lamb shanks were kind of beside the point. Good thing they make great leftovers!

Speaking of leftovers…wanna see something scary? Warning: those with aversions to squeezing too much into too small a space may want to scroll down very quickly…

Impressive, huh? That picture was taken yesterday. By now we’ve managed to polish off most of the wine (we brought SEVEN bottles to a friend’s house for dinner last night. Jealous?) as well as the budino di panna (top shelf), cupcakes, salad, and most of the mashed potatoes and gravy. Now I just have to think of ways to use lots and lots of milk and eggs…thinking, thinking…I know! Disaster averted.


Sunday Night Passatelli Fest for 6

olives, mortadella, cheeses, two kinds of fresh bread, bruschetta with herbed ricotta


passatelli con le cozze

passatelli con crema di parmigiano

passatelli in brodo


braised lamb shanks

mashed potatoes


banana dream cake

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  1. Brenna permalink
    November 13, 2010 7:01 am

    Can’t deal! Dinner party pleeeeez.

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