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shortlist no. 16 / november 12, 2010

November 15, 2010

Summer is upon us! Or at least it was over the weekend. Temperatures and humidity in Sydney skyrocketed, leading us to avoid the sunny side of the street, long midday walks and the oven. The dog has taken to spreading out on the floor, trying to touch as much cool wood as humanly (caninely?) possible. I fear the day when I come home to find both husband and dog, bellies pressed to the floor, knackered by the crazy ozone-less sunshine that burns these poor, Celtic Australians to a crisp and makes for the most amazing dusky skies.

In other words:Perfect weather for a simple dinner of one of my favorite summer pastas with a few cold appetizers and a fried doughnut or two. Oh, and bread pudding, of course. Which, no matter how hot the weather, can perk up anyone feeling stuck to the floor.

hot weather dinner for 4

endive cups with sour cream and smoked salmon

goat cheese covered in honey

fresh bread



bomboloni with prosciutto & fontina


pasta crudaiola


cranberry & orange bread pudding with Joe’s butterscotch and cinnamon whipped cream


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