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shortlist no. 19 / december 24, 2010

January 1, 2011

Wow, this is embarassing. Look what I just found! Oh well, better late than never.

In case there was any doubt, this Christmas Eve dinner was fantastic. Even more so because I felt like I didn’t work at all. The lovely Dora and Antonio brought una marea of prosciutto, mortadella, salami, fresh imported mozzarella nodi, pecorino, gorgonzola in mascarpone, and more, which we ate with some still-warm bread. The men tucked into oysters, and Charlie managed to steal some honey ham. Next came the mussel soup that’s become a regular guest around here, after which Francesco cooked up the Kobe +9 steaks, accompanied by Dora’s amazing roast potatoes with prunes (a Greek Christmas Eve tradition) and perfect spinaci ripassati. Dessert was the classic zuccotto, which, sadly, didn’t leave enough room for Christmas Pudding. Instead? We* watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and drank ourselves into a stupor. All in all, a pretty great Christmas Eve.

If you’ve been wondering why we haven’t had many dinner parties lately, it’s because our little mini house is under construction and will be for the next month or so. Point being, our hosting – and therefore, shortlisting – will be temporarily reduced. I say reduced because I’m sure we’ll find ways to entertain (ourselves) from wherever we’ll be laying our heads. I say temporarily because once we get this housie back on her feet, we’ll be raring to go.

* I use “we” liberally. If you know Francesco, you also know he didn’t make it past the opening credits.

Christmas Even dinner for 4

assorted salami, prosciutti, cheeses and fresh bread

Pacific Bay Oysters


garlic mussel soup


Kobe steaks

Dora’s roast potatoes with prunes

spinaci ripassati with chili and garlic



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  1. Jess permalink
    January 1, 2011 2:22 pm

    Did someone say Kobe? * Insert droooooooool*

  2. January 1, 2011 11:24 pm

    That meal both sounds and looks fantastic! Happy New Year to you both and Charlie too!!


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